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Heath Slater

Fueled by a mouth that never stops running and arrogance as scorching as the shock of red hair on his head, Heath Slater certainly lives up to his self-imposed moniker, “The One-Man Band.” Hailing from West Virginia, Slater first exploded onto the WWE scene as a rookie on WWE NXT’s inaugural season. Right out of the gate, Slater made an impact. Now the current leader of 3MB - along with bandmates Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal - the trio has set out to prove they are as dangerous in the squared circle as they are on a concert stage. (more?)

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He’s back, baby!
Posted On: Feb 09, 2015 | By: Jen | Under: Video,Vine | (8) Comments

From WWE’s Vine account.

Heath Slater innocent – Why WWE must react quickly
Posted On: Jan 15, 2015 | By: Roselyne | Under: General,Interviews & Articles | (2) Comments


Remember : August 2011, when the wrestling fan community woke up to the news that Heath Miller (Slater) was accused of attempted rape on the person of Corinne Oliver during the post-Wrestlemania XXVII evening, April 3rd 2011. This shocking announcement seemed a bit strange: why waiting so long to make a legal complain? Why did her story depict a man so different from the Heath Miller everybody knew? Why was there no witness or security camera footage? Why did the victim’s video statement hold so many plot holes that it rather looked like a fan fiction written by a 12 year old?

This strange story disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Most people came to conclusion that once again, a woman was accusing a celebrity of rape (attempt) in order to get money and/or non-related hospital bills paid by aforementioned celebrity. It’s almost like a national sport in USA! And here, the “victim” seemed to have used the rather flirty attitude of the character Heath Slater to make her story sound credible.

Corinne Oliver had contacted the media in August 2011 to drop her first bomb.  It is highly likely that she’s also the one who contacted Fox 5 to drop her second bomb on December 3rd, 2014. With a term as serious as “arrest warrant”, it was a guarantee that some media would quickly have bubbles coming to their mouth at the sole idea of pointing once again their bony finger against the Wrestling industry and “those drugged athletes with an IQ lower than an oyster’s”. In her 2011 video statement, Corinne Oliver had declared that she wanted Heath Miller to pay for what he had done. Three years later, she still seemed determined to destroy him and his career, which made some fans wonder of her true motive: Was it money? Or was it the personal revenge of a spurned fan-girl?

The media on fire pushed WWE to remove Miller from their programming. The official version was that he had been given time off to prepare his defense with his lawyer Don Samuel.

The hearing was scheduled in Atlanta on January 15, 2015. The prosecution case was weak (no witness, no evidence) and the statute of limitation had also expired. So even if the juridical system is as slow in US as it is in Europe, only one meeting was enough to close the topic and drop all charges held against Heath Miller. A fresh wind blowing on him and his family.

“A pretty big weight was lifted off of our shoulders today… Let’s just hope it stays far FAR away from our shoulders for the rest of our lives!!” – Stephanie Miller, Heath’s wife.

This Christmas season hadn’t been exactly good for them. Depending on the length of time Justice could take to solve the case, there was the constant fear that in case of new budget cuts, WWE might decide to get rid of someone they couldn’t use on TV, only eventually rehiring him when his name would be clean. Eventually. Unexpected defenses costs, the prospect of seeing this father of two daughters lose his job, all the sacrifices he had done for his family reduced to void… Merry Christmas everyone!



The future in WWE?

With all charges dropped, Heath Miller is on his way back to the Stamford company. WWE still has to make an official statement, and let’s hope it’s going to be something powerful enough to erase all the dark spots and counter the “haters’ power”; those vultures of the Internet community so eager to feast upon horrors happening to celebrities rather than rejoicing for them. In front of the rotting carcass of a rumor, they all have the good taste and self restraint of deranged magpies in a jewelry store. Expect some haters to desperately cling to “charges were dropped because the statute of limitation had expired”, voluntarily forgetting the “victim” ‘s lack of evidence and witness.


Heath Miller is someone who loves the WWE universe. He accepts to look like a fool every week because he knows it will amuse the crowd, and he puts the fans’ entertainment way before his personal ego. Not a lot of superstars have his dedication.

If WWE really wants to erase all doubts and clean his name once and for all in everyone’s mind, they must show that they trust him by putting him (back) into the spotlight.

Bringing him for the Royal Rumble could be a possibility. The actual storyline will not allow him to win, but if he could last and show some memorable action, surely it wouldn’t hurt, would it?


Raw, Reunion: remember the weeks preceding “RAW 1000” in July 2012? Week after week, WWE Legends would come back and face Heath Slater in the ring. Slater is one of WWE’s best seller of moves, if not the best. He was the perfect person to make those “old guys” look like Hercules. And all the Legends who wrestled with him praised his work, professionalism and dedication. The Legends returning on next Raw will be delighted to hear that their “favorite punching-ball” is back and that once again, they will look impressive. Back in 2012, it had brought to Slater a lot of support from the crowd. January 19th, 2015 could mark his rebirth.


On April 3rd, 2011, Heath Miller had proposed to his high school sweetheart Stephanie Houck. An important date for them, later marred by a horrible lie for over three years. The Miller family can finally heal their wounds, and move on.



Slammy Voting: Slater Gator w/ Mini Gator for Tag Team of the Year!
Posted On: Dec 08, 2014 | By: Jen | Under: General | Comments Off

Be sure to get those votes in for Slater Gator w/ Mini Gator!


Click here to vote.


JBL & Cole Show Bloopers
Posted On: Nov 29, 2014 | By: Jen | Under: JBL & Cole Show,Media,Video | Comments Off

Survivor Series Results & Digitals
Posted On: Nov 23, 2014 | By: Jen | Under: Gallery Update,PPV,Results,Survivor Series 2014 | Comments Off

 Adam Rose & The Bunny vs. Titus O’Neill & Heath Slater

The Bunny wanted to do the crowd dive off the apron but Rose made him get down and did it himself.

Slater caught Rose with a kick at the start and covered him for a two count. Lots of bad rabbit jokes early. Titus tagged in and drilled Rose with a series of backbreakers over the knee for a two count. He tossed Rose into the corner. Rose fought his way out and finally made the tag to the Bunny.

The Bunny nailed a flapjack on Slater and hopped on his chest. He knocked Titus off the apron and escaped Heath’s charge in the corner. He nailed a dropkick off the ropes for the pin as Adam was calling for the pin.

Your winners, Adam Rose and The Bunny!

Rose stood there waiting for a tag but the Bunny celebrated and did the stagedive. He was carried off by the Rosebuds, leaving Adam standing there in the ring dumbfounded and unhappy.

Raw Results & Digitals – November 17, 2014
Posted On: Nov 17, 2014 | By: Jen | Under: Gallery Update,Raw,Results | Comments Off

Lana says that while they had to handle the disrespect of Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit. You Americans showed your lack of taste when you drooled over the photos of Kim Kardashian. All of you know that no American woman can compare to this ravishing figure and her body. Lana says that she is the best. Lana says that she has a topless photo of her own to show you and it will leave all of you American men drooling. She asks if you want to see it.

She shows the photo and it is of Vladimir Putin without a shirt, riding a horse.

Heath Slater comes out and he is dressed like Uncle Sam. He tells Lana that everyone in America wants her to shut up. The American spirit flows through each and every one of us. As you can see, he has the red white and blue running through this bad ass country boy right now.

Slater tells Rusev it ends tonight. He quotes Carl Weathers from the end of Rocky III and calls Rusev a son of a bitch.

Match Number Four: Rusev ( with Lana) versus Heath Slater in a Non Title Match

Rusev with a jumping thrust kick. Rusev stomps on Slater’s back and applies the Accolade. Slater taps out.

Winner: Rusev

After the match, Rusev takes his time releasing the hold.

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