Heath Slater
Fueled by a mouth that never stops running and arrogance as scorching as the shock of red hair on his head, Heath Slater certainly lives up to his self-imposed moniker, “The One-Man Band.”

Hailing from West Virginia, Slater first exploded onto the WWE scene as a rookie on WWE NXT’s inaugural season. Right out of the gate, Slater made an impact becoming the first-ever NXT Rookie to defeat a WWE Pro in a singles match.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Raw Results & Digitals: August 1, 2016

Heath Slater comes out to the ring and he is with Jinder Mahal.  He says it is not his fault that Raw and Smackdown do not want to sign the biggest free agent today.  He wants everyone to put their hands together for one of his best friends Jinder Mahal.  He says you are not going to break up the band.  2MB will set Monday Night Raw on FIRE.

Mick Foley comes out and he says this is a surprise since neither of them are on the Raw roster.  Mick suggests a ‘Battle of the Band’.  They compete against each other in a match.

Slater says they don’t need a referee.  You cannot break up the band.

Mick says the Raw roster is stacked and he has one position open.  The winner will get a contract to join Raw.

Slater asks Foley if dangling a contract will break up the band.

Jinder tells the referee to ring the bell.

Match Number Nine:  Jinder Mahal versus Heath Slater in Battle of the Bands Winner gets a Raw Contract Match

Slater turns around into a boot and Mahal gets the three count.

Winner:  Jinder Mahal

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